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Available modules:

IP - Inspection Planning
Inspection planning for measurements, attributive tests and checklists.
  • Variable and attributive tests as well as checklists
  • Error catalogues for visual tests
  • Importing CAD drawings for simple feature definitions
  • Inspection results as an external document with audit management
  • Optional connection to work planning for operations-dependent audits (SCIIL PDA required)
EOL - End-Of-Line Testing
100% control of marked parts (serial numbers) by means of measurements, attributive and visual tests.
  • Dynamic checklists – depending on the part, variant or product options produced.
  • Use of scanners (DMC, BC, RFID) to automatically detect the product, variant or components using the serial or batch number.
  • Entering the final inspection or rework, entering errors
  • The system shows the current status of the scanned component and logs the test results, the errors – if any – and its status (OK / NOK)
  • Assignment or decision rework/scrap – transfer to subsequent production area or shipping.
SPC - Statistical Process Control
Extensive SPC software module, including test planning, execution and SPC evaluation.
  • Test planning with variable, attributive and visual features, test results, instructions, etc.
  • PC terminals for entering test data and an optional touchscreen mode
  • Connection of various measuring devices and flexible connections to measuring devices possible
  • Statistical evaluation and process analysis
  • Automated control of process events and notification services
  • Optional integration of PDA for production-specific audits based on lot size (SCIIL PDA required)
GM - Gauge Management
Management of test equipment and measurement systems, calibration management, usage control and repairs.
  • Calibration management and documentation: Calibration cycle, automatically generated scheduling for next calibration including notifications
  • Direct impact of test equipment status during measurement at the workstation (SPC, WE/WA, Q-Gate)
  • Usage control (Check-in / Check-out, usage duration, usage location)
  • Repair administration
  • MSA available as an extension
VI - Visual Inspection
Configuration of error catalogues, test terminals, statistics on errors and causes of errors.
  • Definition of errors per product or per station
  • Input of errors(weighted), causes of errors and types of errors
  • User-friendly touchscreen terminals
  • PPM, error and cause analysis
MSA - Measuring System Analysis
In all tests on the ability to measure:
Accuracy, linearity, stability, repeatability, traceability.

  • Location: Accuracy, linearity, stability
  • Variation: Repeatability and traceability
  • Procedures 1, 2 and 3
  • Documentation and history of measurement capability analyses
IM - Issue Management
Management and 8D tracking of Issues and claims, response management, 8D reports and statistics.
  • Automated creation of issues and claims from our own production
  • Customer claim entry and management
  • 8D workflow to track problems: main cause, responses, 8D reports
  • Ishikawa brainstorming tool for root cause analysis
  • Integrated response management
  • Statistics and data summary of e.g. issues, errors or causes
  • Quality alert for recurring problems (web auxiliary module)
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