Mobile Product Audits

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VISION - Automatic Defect Detection System
Automatic defect detection based on photos and with the help of a data-driven algorithm
  • Data-driven algorithm that transfers ‘expert-knowledge’ to artificial models
  • Teached defects, such as wrinkles, scratches, staining and creases are automatically detected from photos
  • Detected defects can not only be saved and analyzed but also send to automatic rework stations
  • Traceability data, statistical information, data grouping and reports with export functionality
eVI - Mobile Visual Inspection
Visual inspection for serials (uniquely marked products and parts) and batches
  • Visual Inspection with graphic input on PC touchscreen PC workstations and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Guided input of failures on the product image (failure structure, locations)
  • Failure matrix, configuration of failures and of the input workflow
  • Failure statistics, failure spread charts, ppm reports
eMA - Measurement Audit
Measuring inspections for serials (uniquely marked products)
ePCL Produkt Checklisten Audit - Statistik
  • Input of the results of the measuring inspections on the mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). Immediate registration of NOK (i.e. "Out Of Tolerances"). Offline capable
  • Inspection planning with specification and instructions, product and variant depending lists of inspections
  • SPC analysis and failure statistics
ePCL - Checklist Audit
Attributive inspections / checklists for serials (uniquely marked products)
  • Attributive inspection according to the product specific checklists. Input of OK/NOK, failure description and photo on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Configuration matrix, product and variant depending inspection lists
  • Failure statistics, ppm reports, dashboards
ePA - Product Audit
Combination of all modules for product audit: eVI, ePCL and eMA, with common input and comprehensive reporting
  • Full-scale product audit with all kinds of inspections: checklists, measurements, visual failures
  • Contains inspection planning for all kinds of inspections
  • Comprehensive reporting: failure statistics, SPC analysis, dashboards
eDASHBOARD - Online Monitoring of KPIs
Creation of own KPI Dashboards for online reporting for all product audit modules, in any combination
KPI Dashboards on Desktop and Tablet
  • Creation of own dashboards, consisting of tables, diagrams and calculated key number indicators.
  • SCIIL KPI application feeding the dashboards with the data close to real time, puts them in relation with the pre-defined targets, indicates problems and initiates alarming
  • Visualization of Dashboards on web clients - electronic panels
  • Web-based reports can be accessed by authorized users through standard devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets
  • Various reports for individual management levels, such as shift reports or weekly statistics can be sent automatically per Email