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Available Modules:

SPC - Statistical Process Control
Full-scale SPC software including inspection planning, input of the inspection results and SPC Reporting
  • Inspection planning with variable and attributive inspections, inspection rules, instructions and further settings
  • User-friendly input on PC terminals (also touchscreen), connection of measuring devices
  • Automated process monitoring, failure registration and notifications in case of process violations
  • Statistical evaluation and process analysis, reporting tools
Optional Add-Ons:
  • Link to production control, SCIIL modules PDA, MDA and SFCS for quality and process control of operations and machines
  • Process control on the automated or semi-automated line production
  • Traceability of PO (production orders) and Serials (also 100% inspections on EOL and Q-Gates). SCIIL TRACE and SCIIL REWORK
IGC - Incoming Goods Control
Incoming Goods Control with AQL-based inspection planning, input of inspection results and reporting
  • Inspection planning with variable and attributive inspections, specifications, instructions, inspection rules and further settings
  • AQL tables, dynamically created inspection lists and sample sizes, depending on the supplier history
  • User-friendly input on PC terminals, connection of measuring devices
  • Batch and failure statistics
Optional Add-On: Supplier Issues (SCIIL IM)
OGC - Outgoing Goods Control
End-Of-Line inspection with product and variant specific inspection lists
  • Inspection planning with variable and attributive inspections, specifications, instructions, inspection rules and further settings
  • Product and Variant specific AQL tables, dynamically created inspection lists and sample sizes
  • User-friendly input on PC terminals, connection of measuring devices
  • Batch and failure statistics
  • EOL Dashboards, notifications to production and management in case of declining quality
GM - Gauge Management
Administration of gauges and automated monitoring of the calbration activities
  • Gauge cards, gauge lists
  • Administration of gauge data including gauge and calibration responsible
  • Settings for the periodically required calibrations, automated notification for the due / overdue actions
  • Gauge and calibration history
VI - Visual Inspection
Software module for visual inspection of serials and batches (Q-Gates / EOL stations)
  • Visual inspection of Serials and Batches for In-Line and End-Of-Line quality stations
  • Graphic UI for touchscreen input of failures and causes (option)
  • Visualization of failure clusters
  • Use of online dashboards for immediate alarming in the case of worsening quality ("Quality Alerts")
  • Optional: linked with SCIIL SCRAP and SCIIL REWORK
EOL - End-Of-Line Testing
100% control of marked parts (serial numbers) by means of measurements, attributive and visual tests.
  • Dynamic checklists – depending on the part, variant or product options produced.
  • Use of scanners (DMC, BC, RFID) to automatically detect the product, variant or components using the serial or batch number.
  • Entering the final inspection or rework, entering errors
  • The system shows the current status of the scanned component and logs the test results, the errors – if any – and its status (OK / NOK)
  • Assignment or decision rework/scrap – transfer to subsequent production area or shipping.
Input of scrap and online monitoring of scrap costs
  • Input of scrap products or parts. Graphic UI for user-friendly touchscreen input of part-numbers (barcode scanning possible), scrap number and (optionally) scrap reason
  • Immediate calculation of the scrap costs, visualization on the online dashboards and automatically generated alarming in the case of the overshooting the predefined limits
  • Possible connection to ERP system (for example SAP) for automated feedback of the scrap numbers
Add-on module for the rework of failures which were collected in others modules by SCIIL (SCIIL VI, SCIIL PA - product audits)
  • For products with Serial and as an optional add-on module for the SCIIL modules for failure input (SCIIL VI, SCIIL PA, etc.): Visualization of the detected failures, input of the provided reworks and final reworked state
  • Optional input of failure causes and of the rework duration, for the following analysis of the rework costs
TRACE - Traceability
With 3 modules TRACE SERIAL, TRACE BATCH and TRACE PO, we offer mighty solutions for traceability of the logistic, production and quality data of single Serials, batches and production orders!
Referring to a BMW auditor at one of our customers: "This is the Best-of-Class software for traceability I have experienced by our suppliers!"
  • Attendant acquisition of production and quality data and related numbered unites i.e. PO, lots and batches of the materials, Serials of parts and products
  • Interfaces to the barcode, DMS and RFID devices (read/write)
  • Acquisition of quality and process data in relation to their Batches, Lots and Serials (for ex. by means of SCIIL SPC, SCIIL IGC, SCIIL OGC, SCIIL PDA, SCIIL MDA)
  • Documentation of the production routes
  • Comprehensive data mining, top-bottom and bottom-up traceability
IM - Issue Management
Processing of issues from all sorts of sources: product or process audits, quality issues from the own production or from customers
This Software module for processing of issues from internal or external sources was designed to follow the 8D workflow: all 8D steps and tools, including 5-Why and Ishikawa
The workflow can be reduced to cause analysis and actions only (4D), for less severe cases
The software allows automation of the processing by electronic monitoring of the due actions, notifications per email and escalation of the overdue dates
8D reports in different templates and statistical analysis
KB - Knowledge Base
Web module to share the "best practice" experience, based on the wiki-technology
  • To share the experience of successfully closed issues between colleagues, departments and even different production sites of an enterprise
  • The shared 8D reports can be filtered by the key elements, i.e. products, failures, causes etc. or by the free text fragments. Use of 1-to-5 score for the helpful cases helps to sort out the suitable hints and brings the self-learning effect  
Creation of own KPI Dashboards for online reporting for all product audit modules, in any combination
  • Creation of own dashboards, consisting of tables, diagrams and calculated Key Number Indicators.
  • SCIIL KPI application feeding the dashboards with the data close to real time, puts them in relation with the pre-defined targets, indicates problems and initiates alarming
  • Visualization of Dashboards on web clients - electronic panels
  • Web-based reports can be accessed by authorized users through standard devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets
  • Various reports for individual management levels, such as shift reports or weekly statistics can be sent automatically per e-mail