Production Control

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    Huatai Security Building,
    No. 90 on East Zhongshan
    Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing
    +86 (135) 88172747
    7625 Pintail Lane,
    AL 35405
    Baltu pr. 40
    48196 Kaunas
    8:00 AM - 17:00 PM (UTC+2)
    +370 37 451576
    SCIIL Support
    Monday - Friday
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    +49 (0) 2631 99988-0
    Markstraße 83
    56564 Neuwied
    Monday - Friday
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    +49 (0) 2631 99988-0

Available modules

PDA - Production Data Acquisition
Production planning for operations or machines, monitoring of production for automated stations, manual terminals for entering production numbers, rework, scrap and rejects.
  • Routing via operations or machines
  • Production monitoring for automatic stations
  • Terminals for manual or semi-automatic input of quantities
  • Machine and process visualisation
  • Bi-directional interfaces between ERP system and SCIIL PDA
SFCS - Shopfloor Control Systems
With our software we offer modules for JIT/JIS production with customizable processes and user interfaces.
  • Customisable workflows
  • PC and SPS-based workstations
  • Assembly, Pick by Light, Poka Yoke, EOL …
  • Turnkey solutions with SPS, PC workstations and switchboards
  • Optional extension with SCIIL TRACE, SCIIL PDA, SCIIL CAQ modules
MDA - Machine Data Acquisition
Automated collection of a wide range of machine data such as serial numbers, quantities, analogue values, process parameters and quality data.
  • Flexible interface solutions: SPS, file-based, databases, digital IO or OPC
  • Automatic or manual logging of machine events and errors
  • Production monitoring and visualization of machine status in real time
  • Automated notifications for machine events (standstill, errors, production reports, etc.)
  • Reports on machine standstill times and standstill reasons
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
Web-based module for KPI monitoring, dashboards and reports at management level, for individual lines and single or multiple plants.
  • Web-based reports can be accessed by authorized users through standard devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets.
  • Various reports for individual management levels, such as real-time monitoring and weekly statistics for individual production lines or quarterly reports on multiple plants
  • Adjustable KPIs, free definition of baseline data and calculation formulas
  • Creation of different dashboards for web-enabled panels
PLC - Programmable Logic Controller
We develop machine and DATA-PLC interfaces (Siemens S7) for bidirectional data exchange and program-controlled process controls.
  • Machine-interface programming services and SCIIL DATA PLC
  • Support for a variety of standard protocols, such as TCP/IP, OPC, Profibus/ProfiNet, RS323, RS422.
TRACE - Traceability
Tracing serial numbers or batches with a full production background: route, quality data, process parameters and built-in components.
  • Tracing serial numbers and batches
  • Flexible entry options and filters
  • Documentation of production orders, production routes, process parameters and add-on parts
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