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Dresden, 19 July 2018 – Industry 4.0 thrives on integrated systems, exchanging information in real time, and Interlocking automation scenarios. This is the starting point for APS specialist DUALIS GmbH IT Solution and their partner CAQ-/MES expert SCIIL AG to develop networked solutions for manufacturing optimization. A recent project shows how a global automotive supplier (approximately 53,000 employees) has integrated its previously autonomous processes for enterprise resource planning, production planning and control as well as operational data capture in a sustainable way.
These days automotive suppliers are under immense competitive pressure alongside increasing compliance and quality requirements. Safety, efficiency and transparency in manufacturing must be guaranteed, as must a high degree of automation in order to remain competitive.

Industry 4.0 solution for automotive suppliers

Using a practical user example, SCIIL and DUALIS showed how networked and transparent processes can be implemented in a leading automotive supplier’s production. In the project, SCIIL, as CAQ/MES specialist, takes on the task of machine/operating data capture, input and documentation of measurements and establishes the link between the existing ERP system and the newly integrated APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) System GANTTPLAN. GANTTPLAN is DUALIS’ fine-planning tool for optimizing resource allocation planning.

The ERP provides all the information required for production and transfers it to the SCIIL system via interfaces (production orders, material master data, stock, etc.). These are transmitted by SCIIL to the APS system and processed there. In return SCIIL receives a detailed production plan: which machine will execute which production order at what time? Resource allocation planning can also be expanded to include production equipment and staffing.

There is a steady reconciliation of planning and the live situation in production. SCIIL sends information such as machine status and production progress to the DUALIS solution and, if required, to the ERP system. The APS system thus facilitates immediate responses to bottlenecks, machine failures and much more.

SCIIL handles communication in deeper assembly areas too. Where possible, machine data is captured and automatically transferred to SCIIL software. In this way, produced quantities are recorded, downtimes are detected, and readings are retrieved. All this data can be analysed in detail, supported by functionality such as OAE/OEE, traceability and statistical process evaluation. On the one hand, they serve as a basis for decision-making for future optimization and, on the other, automotive documentation compliance.

Special planning requirements solved

In this user example the DUALIS APS system GANTTPLAN has special planning requirements. This is because thermal processes have to be planned in-house to best utilise their equipment. The furnaces need to be deployed as flexibly as possible while not all production orders can be combined with each other in the same furnace. In GANTTPLAN this can be modelled by the "Process Resource" function in conjunction with optimization groups for parallel allocations.

In addition, the production processes in the plant can be realized partly in line production and partly in shop floor. These two variants, which differ in particular in processing times, must be taken into account in the work schedule. This is done in GANTTPLAN using the "Alternative Procedures" function in conjunction with "Line Resources".

The wide feature scope for modelling the existing complex planning requirements and the easy integration of GANTTPLAN into the current system landscape and the interaction with SCIIL convinced the automotive supplier. The two partners have thus developed an Industry 4.0 solution that makes the manufacturing processes interconnected and plannable.
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