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SCIIL extends its software portfolio with another Audit module (incl. App linkage)
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Neuwied, Germany - SCIIL AG has again expanded its software portfolio. After successfully completing the concept and implementation phase, Mariana Kaesemann (COO) is looking forward to the further modular addition of the SCIIL software including the audit APP. 
With the new 5S audit software, SCIIL AG offers its customers another important digital tool to further digitize and optimize workflows within production. The goal is to constantly minimize errors and thus costs. The software module is also available as an audit app based on Windows, Android and iOS.

The advantages at a glance

Question weighting
Weighting of questions, also area-specific
Answer option
Configuration of the answer options depending on the question: OK / NOK or gradual fulfillment (e.g. 100% - 80% - 30% - 0%)
Audit planning
Audit scheduling automatically or manually per department and team, several audits per day, several auditors per audit, etc.
5S-specific input on mobile devices (Windows, iOS, Android apps) and documenta-tion with text and photos
5S-reports with calculation of score vs. target
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e5S 5S Audit - Statistik
The data is imported manually or fully automatically (e.g. via Excel imports). The planning of your 5S audits is done manually in the system (drag & drop) or can be scheduled automatically according to specifications - of course according to your specifications. The simple and low-threshold recording of audits on smartphones or tablets can be implemented in both online and offline mode. Issues are also tracked automatically, including the predefined escalation levels and email notifications. You can also use one of our report templates or define your own charts. All data can, of course, be accessed and evaluated in real time - via local system access or via a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our mobile audits in our product area:

What does the term "5S" actually mean?

The term "5S" describes a work design methodology from Japan, which is mainly used in production technology (but also increasingly in the service sector). It is a simple and at the same time effective method to make processes in the workplace more productive, error-free and safe, to avoid downtimes and thus to avoid efficiency and errors and thus costs. br>
As with many other methods for optimizing and improving products and processes - it is not the method alone that promises success - but above all the willingness of the executors to carry out the process consistently and carefully. The use of the best methods will also fail if they are not carried out correctly, sustainably and with the appropriate acceptance.

To make this possible, companies should not generate even more effort by managing Excel lists, planning and organizing audits or even standardizing data. In order to generate tailor-made evaluations, digital processes should rather be introduced. 
e5S 5S Audit - Plattformübersicht
Everything that is not needed for work in this place is sorted out.
What is actually needed is given a fixed place that is selected, defined and labeled from an ergonomic point of view.
Everyone cleans their workplace and their work utensils themselves. Defects are identified, marked and continuously worked through. The cleaning is for testing.
This means the use of uniform markings, inscriptions and markings throughout the entire workplace. Constant tidying up prevents new items from finding unplanned access to the workplace.
Self discipline
Discipline is required to maintain order and cleanliness. If a footprint is defined for a tool, it always belongs there. Regular checks are carried out and deviations are noted. Any deviations found must be eliminated.